Twitter User Slams Aisha Buhari , China Also Hangs Corrupt Politicians

First Lady of Nigeria Aisha Bulgaria while speaking at the 2019 Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs General Assembly and National Executive Council in Abuja reveals that China with a population of over 1.3b regulated the social media bill while Nigeria with a population of 180 above, she added that Nigeria should be able regulate the social media bill .

A twitter user while replying to the statement made by Aisha Bulgaria he wrote, “I agree with Aisha Buhari that China regulates TV. Aisha should also agree with China on the policy of hanging corrupt politicians,he further disclosed that She should also agree with China on limiting the family members of their politicians from studying and living abroad,he added.

He further explained that China also executes corrupt politicians, Dear Aisha Buhari. If you want to control social media because China does, then you should agree with that too


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