E.K. Clark: When politics pollutes religion

THE signs of contradiction have become evident: the envy, the suspicion, primordial sentiments and rumours, mostly unfounded. Myths without facts passed on and attributed to the highly revered Chief Edwin K. Clark. While an enlightened mind sees opportunities in the midst of limitations, the myopic is entrapped in delusions of blame games in order smear successful family members for personal frustrations. Men like Clark within their family face challenges, grumblings over favour done and undone; but ingratitude often reside with gratitude, and it’s what makes society. If leaders in history, religion and social sphere, face similar challenges, Clark cannot be an exception. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jnr., Nelson Mandela, among others, also had to contend with challenges of mistrust, blackmail, suspicion, ingratitude, envy from their families as a result of their public success.


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