Would you steal from your husband?

Ego walked into her matrimonial home and stood gob-smacked as she watched her husband, Kayode, knee-deep in plastic packaging and out emerged a spanking new car stereo. He’d just bought himself a tokunbo car they could ill-afford. “What do you think?”, he beamed with pride, ignoring the scowl on his wife’s face.

“I felt like smashing the stereo across the living room walls”, Ego confessed. “I stormed into the bedroom in frustration. The kids school fees had just been paid but they needed new books, uniforms and shoes. Kayode told me bluntly he’d done his bit by paying their fees, that I should buy the other `trivial’ items. Put together, the cost of these so-called trivial items could just equal the fees he paid. He works as an assistant manager of a bank for goodness sake! I work in an independent radio station and there are times we are lucky to get paid on time.

“Kayode works hard an deserves to enjoy his money, but with three growing kids to cater for, expensive car stereo is pushing out his luck a bit. The house is full of other flashy gadgets he’d treated himself to over the years – his DVD player, endless CDs and expensive clothes that are must-haves for his job. But whenever I wanted something for the kids – a treat at the fast-food joints, sweets or even school trips – Mr. Cheapskate always had an excuse ready: `It’s been a bad month … the car needs a new battery …

“He’d given the kids silly cash gifts that wouldn’t stretch to the things they wanted and birthd


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