Benue University Student Slaps Man Who Proposed To Her In Lecture Room (picture)

A video of a public proposal gone wrong has made rounds on social media.

The proposal had gone from a beautiful romantic moment to a caught in the act drama moment for the couple

, a female university student slapped her boyfriend after rejecting his marriage proposal.

The lady who felt embarrassed over boyfriend’s incessant pleading slapped him while she left him on his knee.Guys know your woman well before you propose. Stop embarrassing her.

Just because you like a girl and want to be with her forever (or for whatever reason) doesn’t mean you should get a ring, go on bended knee and embarrass her.

Does she feel the same way? Aren’t you being a little selfish, and maybe, carried away with lust?

What is the aim for proposing? To marry her soon or to make her the Lord of the Ring? Is the time and place right for her?

Before proposing, you should have had discussions to answer all the questions above and more. It’s all about her, at least, until she becomes your wife.


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