SymbasErothick Now Focus On Burna Boy As She Turns From Dangote To Him

Sibongile Cummings, popularly known as SymbasErothick, has directed her attention towards Burna Boy when Aliko Dangote is always too busy for her.
The Instagram model, who regularly speaks about her admiration for Dangote, turned her attention towards Burna Boy and made explicit comments about his male member.
She shared a photo that shows an outline of Burna’s male member then she proceeded to make comments about him sexually.

She wrote I think it’s time to break fast. is anyone hungry?? I love his music #dontyou. #sorrydangote but your always too busy for me or they keep saying I’m too much of a thot for you so guess what I need to have something juicy to sit on I mean fall back on.


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