Unstable Electricity Others,,Reason Why VAR Cant Work In Nigerian Football League

Morocco recently became the first African country to introduce VAR in its competition, while several league competitions have since the 2018/2019 season adopted its usage.
VAR was used in Morocco on Saturday in a match between TAS Casablanca and Difaa El Jadida.

Eche Amos, the Public Relations Officer (PRO), Nasarawa State Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, said he could not see how VAR usage would succeed in Nigeria.He said this was because the issue of uninterrupted electricity must first of all be adequately taken care of.
We still have an electricity problem in Nigeria, which makes it difficult for the VAR to work, because the technology needs uninterrupted electricity.

In addition we don’t even have an efficient sound system and electronic scoreboards in most stadiums for the VAR to be effectively applied.This VAR we are talking about is not as cheap as people think. Aside from that, our referees must understand how to work with it and the local fans must be sensitised to the workings of VAR.

If we don’t take care of all that, I am afraid we will be deceiving ourselves because, as of now, we cannot compare ourselves with Morocco which has started using it.
Our league is not like theirs and we still have many issues to sort out before introducing it (VAR). If not, it will not succeed,” he said.


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