Adams Oshiomole – How My Son Edo Deputy Gov. Shaibu, Betrayed Me

Oshiomhole shared his feelings in Iyamoh, his country home when supporters paid him a solidarity visit.The APC chairman expressed dissatisfaction over the crisis that has engulfed the party in Edo and blamed Shaibu and some other persons from his Local Government Area, who he claimed betrayed him,he said, “It is about the truth, we have a president who believes in the truth,has integrity who believes in fairness, who believes in justice, who believes that government should fight for the masses.

He said, “There is nothing I have The only thing I will say today to anyone who is here, who is an agent of my son; when I talk of my son, I’m talking of Philip Shiabu, who now thinks that his own political future requires that he attacks me and import thugs to disgrace me in my village.

If all that transpired now is to use that power to humiliate me but God don’t give you the opportunity to do it. As you can see, who can fight the battle? It is only God so I leave the burden of guilt to them and I will not repay bad with evil. I will stand on the path of peace, I will stand on the path of unity and progress.


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