Electricity Supply To Togo And Benin To Be Disconnected Soon — TCN

The Transmission company of Nigeria has threatened to disconnect electricity within the neighboring countries with Nigeria.The managing Director of the company USman Mohammed revealed that the neighboring countries like Togo and Benin which Electricity are supplied to by the Nigerian government owes over $100million which is the initial amount.

“The MD further explained that when he resumed work as the new MD of the company both countries owe above the stated amount,“part payment was made Benin owes $14million while Niger owe a debt of $2million.He further explained that if they don’t pay up there debt as agreed on paying their electricity supply will be disconnected as soon as possible.

The MD added angrily that “In fact, we will disconnect them as we disconnect people around here.“they new it (Electricity) is not charity; we cannot allow people to consume electricity and leave us like thatHe stated also that electricity supply had been restricted and we are insisting they must pay all debts before reconnection and increase in tarrif …


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Still on VAT increase and matters arisingThat the recent announcement of the proposed increase in the Value Added Tax (VAT ) rate from five per cent to seven-and-half per cent is generating ripples and knocks is not unexpected. The concern of those opposed to the increase, including this writer, does not only border on the rate of the increase (which is 50 per cent), but also on the justification given by the government for its proposal.is important to note that before now, the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, under the leadership of Mr Fowler had mulled over the same idea. It is therefore not in doubt that the latest product is an escalation of that particular idea up to the Federal Executive Council by the FIRS. All the same, if the idea of raising VAT, according to reports, is for the states to be able to pay the new minimum wage, then governments at all tiers, must be advised to first of all start to curb wastes in governance and embrace austerity measures through which they could make and save money sufficiently.The fact is that even before now, many state governments have not been able to meet this particular obligation of payment of salaries, thereby resulting in bailout measures of some kinds in the past. Even as we speak, some state governments are owing salaries in arrears, creating serious doubt as to the capacity of those states, and indeed others, to be able to pay salaries even after the proposed increase in VAT. Governors must go for a serious paradigm shift in fiscal discipline. They should not only initiate effective and efficient resource management and control mechanisms that eliminate all types of waste in governance but also appoint experienced and talented persons into key offices. It must not be business as usual.

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