Breakdown Of President Buhari And Vice-president Osinbajo N9.06bn Budget

President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in the federal government’s 2020 budget.

The budget was signed into law yesterday which makes same day with the President Birthday
President N2. 526 billion on local and international travels
Vice President Osinbajo was allocated N801 .035 million.


President Buhari N1.751B International travel
local travel N775,602M

The Vice President N517.060M international travel local travel N283,974M


President Buhari N98. 306 million
Vice president N50. 888 million


TOTAL capital expenditure of N4.806B
MOTOR vehicle purchase N474
GENERAL maintenance services N416M
MATERIALS and supplies N380,534
UTILITIES electricity, water, internet and sewage N476,869 million


N996. 908 million would go to miscellaneous expenditure, with
HONORARIUM and SITTING allowances N478,313 million.
Welfare packages N240,730M
Conservation upgrade of the Villa ranch and construction of wildlife conservation N12,945M .


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