Tu pac Is Alive He Only Faked His Death — Former Bodyguard Micheal Nice

Micheal who was Tupac ‘s bodyguard while speaking in an interview revealed that he is still alive and there a lot of proof to back his claim.He added that Tupac intentionally faked his own death
Recall that last year the former bodyguard Micheal Nice was announced dead but later came out and said he faked his own death

He says he has proof Tupac is still alive too.

He further explained that After the shooting which the police thought took Tupac’s life he was snuggled to Cuba with support from the former President Fidel Castro .
However, in December last year, it was reported that Michael Nice had died just days before he was due to release evidence that proved Tupac is still alive.

Michael also he once faked his own death also after receiving death threats and if he didn’t do it he should be dead by now

Michael says he arranged for an ambulance to collect him after he faked his death and that he’d used a magic trick he learned as a youngster to stop his pulse so that when a paramedic checked him they believed he was dead.

When his body got to the hospital where he was later switched with a dead body from the morgue


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