Kim Kardashian Reacts To Claim She Bought Late President John F Kennedy’s Cloth For North.

Kim Kardashian 39,has revealed that the late Micheal Jackson’s items was auctioned to them as Christmas gift and it belongs to North which is their 6year old daughter.

North now owns the Micheal Jackson’s jacket which he wore to the Cannes Film Festival and Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th Birthday.

The jacket was auctioned for $65,625 in September 2019 and bought at the price by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Part of the items purchased from late iconic singer include the the white Hat worn in the Smooth Criminal video and filled with the late icons makeup left over.
Kim Kardashian in her reaction to the statement that the the bloody shirt worn by President John F Kennedy the day he died was the one she bought for daughter North.

The rumour was after she bought Micheal Jackson’s jacket for Christmas for her daughter North.

A fake photo which appeared to be from Kim’s Instagram stories showed JFK’s white and grey pin-striped shirt torn and covered with blood.


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