Coronavirus Outbreak , We Have Heightened Screening Measures At Ports Of Entry — federal Ministry Of Health

Nigeria Government has announced that there will be an increase in screening at ports of entry into the country to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

The new infectious disease has claimed lives in China and has now reached the US.

Coronavirus has it is called has infected more than 500 people and caused 17 deaths.
It outbreak was at first in Washington this week and has led other countries to prevent its outbreak in the country.

In their first tweets

“The port Health Services unit of the Federal Ministry of health in Nigeria has been placed in Alert and has heightened screening measures at ports of entry.

Travellers from Wuhan to Nigeria might be asked some questions upon arrival by the port health service unit at point of entry about symptoms of illness and travel history and will be advised to report to NCDC if they feel ill after travel to Wuhan.

The federal ministry of health through NCDC and it partners are truly and fully committed to strengthening our preparedness and response to infectious disease outbreak


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