Reseachers Reveals The Real Cause Of Coronavirus And How It Is Transmitted

Coronavirus outbreak first occured at Wuhan,China last month which claims over 17 lives and 580 infected.The deadly virus has also be infected in Washington US

The sars-like virus which Researchers says it could be from China and have been passed to humans from snakes sold at an open-air market in Wuhan.

Reports received earlier proved that many of the first patients were customers and those working at a seafood market selling processed meat alongside live consumable animals including koalas, camels and reptiles were first to be infected with the contagious virus.

How it is transmitted is stated below

Snakes — Bats – the original hosts in the SARS outbreak in 2003

It is thought the 2019 – nCoV strain could have jumped from them to the reptiles before being passed to humans,.


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