Beer Parlour Owner Stab Man To Death In Lagos.

Alausa police officer has arrested a beer parlour owner for stabbing Ifeanyi a middle-aged man.

An eyewitness while narrating how it happened revealed that Ifeanyi wanted to settle a fight between the Beer parlour owner and his customer who wanted to smoke jedi(not Indian hemp) in the evening but the parlour owner declined.

This lead to disagreements between the two yesterday January 23,2020 and later turned to physical combat, Ifeanyi who is late now and lives around the beer parlour came out if his house and settle the fight.

When the man that wanted to smoke left the beer parlour owner brought knife out of his shop and stabbed Ifeanyi in the neck, stomach and chest which he later died.

Report reveals that cool spot owner got angry because he thought with the intervention of the deceased the smoker was able to embarrass and blast him in his work place.


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