Report Claiming I called President Buhari An Ethnic Bigot in 2003 Is Fake – APC National Leader Bola Tinubu

TundeRahman who is the spokesperson for the All progressive Congress National leader BolaTinubu in a statement released said the trending news which claims I called President Buhari an ethnic bigot in 2003 is false and I didn’t make such statements atall.

The false statements was the “handiwork of merchants of hate and fake news trying to plot sow seeds of discord between the national leader and the president.

The former Lagos state governor said this while reacting to a statement credited to him, in which he was alleged to have described Buhari as an ‘ethnic bigot’ and an ‘agent of destabilisation’, who ‘if given the chance would ensure the disintegration of the country”.

Where did he speak? Was it a newspaper interview? Was it a public lecture? No source. No attribution. The merchants of fake news just did a fantastic quote to cause mischief and create discord. We should not allow them

He further explained that the concocted statement was the “handiwork of merchants of hate and fake news”.Truth is Asiwaju would even wish that GMB defeated the dictatorial President Obasanjo who ruled the country on his whims.

Recall the ex President Olusegun Obasanjo Against a clear decision of the Supreme Court that the ex President seized Lagos allocation and did many unthinkable.


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